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Women’s Beauty Needs Dictate Their Shopping Behavior Women Prefer Trustworthy and Transparent Beauty Brands Women Are Excited to Solve Their Beauty Challenges When It Comes to Beauty, Nearly All Women Like to Stay In-The-Know 91% of Millennial Women Want Universal Checkout to Purchase Beauty Products Millennial Women Believe Same-Day Delivery and Buying Via Social Platforms Are The Future of Beauty 72% of Millennial Women Buy Beauty & Personal Care Products In Advance of Event Nearly 3 in 4 Millennial Women Say Beauty Trends Influence Products They Buy Over 1/2 of Millennial Women Want Educational Beauty Content 63% of Millennial Women Want Shoppable Beauty Content 32% of Millennial Women Want Branded Beauty Content to Inspire Them 4 in 10 Millennial Women Say Content Enhances Their Beauty Shopping Experience Women Follow Beauty Brands For Product Release Updates 41% of Millennial Women Showcase Their Beauty Purchases 71% of Millennial Women Say Beauty Influencers are More Important Than Ever 94% of Millennial Women Inspired by Influencers When Shopping for Beauty Millennial Women Look in the Mirror to Find Their Beauty Icon 35% of Millennial Women Primarily Shop For Beauty & Personal Care Via Mobile Device Price and Preference Drive Millennial Women To Buy Beauty Products Millennial Women Buy Beauty and Personal Care From a Mix of Store Types Nearly 1/2 of Millennial Women Buy Beauty Products Weekly Beauty Shopping is a Weekly Habit For 1 in 5 Millennial Women Where Women Buy Body and Skin Care Products Where Women Buy Hair Care Products Body and Skin Care Category Update Cosmetics Category Update Hair Care Category Update 76% of Women Consider Brand Loyalty an Influence on Shopping Behaviors Where Women Purchase Cosmetics 59% of Women Spend Over $150 on Cosmetics Annually Shopping Spree! What Women Would Buy With an Unlimited Budget 80% of Women Say Free Samples Drive Product Trial 79% of Women Are Open to Trying New Beauty Brands 73% of Women Find Product Reviews Valuable Content 54% of Women Consider Beauty Sites Most Inspirational 86% of Women Discover Beauty Trends on Endemic Sites and Blogs 79% of Women Strive to Look Their Best Daily
Wellness Trends Women Love Women Choose Educational, Sustainable, & Philanthropic Wellness Brands Technology Helps Women Stay Focused On Their Own Wellness Journey When It Comes To Wellness, Technology Helps Women Find Their Happy Healthy Decisions Make Women Happy, But Self-Care Doesn’t Come Easy Women Face Roadblocks To Achieving Their Wellness Goals 91% of Women Plan To Eat Healthier in 2019 Staying Balanced and Healthy are Keys to Wellness for Over 7 in 10 Women Nearly 9 in 10 Women Have Made a Resolution to be Healthier in 2019 43% of Women Will Celebrate Summer With New Outfit 66% of Women Plan to Work Out More This Summer The Rise of Charity Driven Gyms 85% of Women Stuck to Their 2014 New Year’s Health Resolutions 69% of Women Made New Year’s Health Resolutions in 2014 Why Grains Are Unhealthy The Raw Food Diet Cash Incentives Can Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals 10 Best Resistance-Band Strengthening Exercises 60% of Personal Goals Are Health & Fitness Related 5 Exercises to Reverse Your Posture and Feel Better Today In Her Words: What Does Healthy Living Mean to Women? Topic of Interest: The Everyday Exercise Movement Topic of Interest: The Living Clean Movement Topics of Interest: Laughing, Sleeping, and Eating Get Involved: How Women Connect to Causes Editor For a Day: Healthy Living Content by Women For Women Going Mobile: How Brands Can Connect With Mobile Women Why Women Set Goals & How Brands Can Inform and Inspire Now We Are 3: How Moms Can Achieve Balance Only 1/2 of Women Are Happy With Their Exercise Routines Keeping It Fresh: 62% of Women Seek Fitness Inspiration MediaPost: Brands Can Help Women Achieve A 'Nourished Life' Winner’s Mindset Why February Is The Most Important Month For Your Health Women Share Areas Where They’d Love Professional Help 75% of Women Have Taken Vitamin Supplements Why Women Exercise: Motivations and Benefits Fine Tuning: 11 Tips To Take Your Workouts to the Next Level 68% of Women Admit to Overeating When They Feel Stressed Dinner For Two: Women Dish on Best Parts of Relationships Do You Want Instant Health? Women Share Keys to A Successful Relationship To Work Out, Or Not to Work Out: That is the Question The Trend to Gluten Free What Women Look for in a Brand The POPSUGAR Insights Healthy Living Handbook 77% of Women See Financial Security as Indicator of Success Lifestyle Intervention Beats Diet for Weight Loss: 6 Simple Changes to Make Today Healthy Foods, Beauty Products Drive Women to Spend Give Me a Break: Only 1% of Women Aren't Stressed Out Total Body Tune-Up: Top 5 Reasons Your Body Loves a Detox Stretching with Susi May, POPSUGAR Fitness Director 4 Factors Driving The Female Fitness Revolution Female Band Training: Training Tips and Recommendations Hanging with Rebecca Gruber, POPSUGAR Moms Editor What's Cooking with Susannah Chen, POPSUGAR Food EDITOR Lifehacking with Emily Co, Editor of POPSUGAR Smart Living 10 Simple Fit Female Nutrition Rules Do You Have Your New Years Resolutions All Set? Top 3 Trends in Fitness for 2014 92% of Women Would Exercise Daily to Live 10 Years Longer Friends, Family & Trial Drive Healthy Living Product Adoption Women Prefer Personal Trainers over Other Luxuries 96% of Women Say Trust is Important When Considering A Brand Women Expect Brands to Support Their Healthy Lifestyle 71% of Women Say Coupons Most Effective Marketing Strategy Influencers: Women Value Topical Expertise over Celebrity Time Well Spent: Healthy Living Content Consumption Patterns Device Preferences for Consuming Healthy Living Content Check This Out: 55% of Women Share Meaningful Content Trust Matters: 94% of Women Prefer to Purchase Honest Brands I "Like" This: Social Media Influences Sales Prime Time: Women Expect to Feel Their Best at 50+ Mirror Mirror: What Women Obsess about Most Under the Knife? Women's Views on Plastic Surgery What Women Want: 5 Most Important Desires State of the Union: 83% of Women Say They Have A Great Life Time & Energy: Women Share Roadblocks to Living Healthy I Will Survive: Songs of Inspiration for Living Healthy "A Nourished Life": POPSUGAR Insights 2014 Healthy Living Report
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30% of Women Enjoy Brands They Consider to Be Trendsetters 76% of Women Prefer to Follow Trends Than Be Trendsetter 4 in 10 Women Use Digital Content To Fuel Participation In Cultural Trends Facebook Most Popular Social Platform for Discovering Trends Women Choose Digital Content As Top Platform For Trendwatching Women Look to Digital Content to Fuel Trend Discovery Women Seek Out Trends That Provide Positive Benefits Nearly 2 in 3 Women Cite “Popularity” as Key Characteristic of a Trend Women Keep Up To Date With Trends In Order To Stay "In The Know" Nearly 100% of Women Consider it Important to Keep Up With Trends Over 2 in 3 Women Have Consumed Content Related to Coachella Over 1 in 4 Women Seek Out Topical Experts for Cultural Event Content Over Half of Women Enjoy Humorous Cultural Event Content Nearly Half of Women Consume Event Content After Event Ends Strong Visuals, Passion Points, and Humor are Key Drivers to Increase Consumption of Event Content by Women 36% of Women Comment on A Friend’s Event Post Photos and Videos Most Popular Way to Document Event Experiences 39% of Women Comment on a Social Post While Watching Events on TV 60% of Women Watch Videos to Stay Connected to Cultural Events Women Rely on Facebook to Keep Them up to Date on Cultural Events Discovery Drives Women to Watch Cultural Events on TV 55% of Women Follow Music Award Shows Via Digital Content or Social Media 1 in 5 Women Have Attended a Sporting Event in Person 62% of Women Watch Film Award Shows on TV 49% of Women Follow Cultural Events Online to Stay up to Date 50% of Women Seek Out Once-in-a-Lifetime Cultural Experiences 62% of Women Follow Music Festivals and Award Shows Via Digital Content 70% of Women Interested in Attending Music Festivals 64% of Women Are Interested in Watching Music Awards Programming Over 1 in 3 Women Prefer to Consume Entertainment Content Via Their Smartphone
63% of Women Say Looking Good Makes Them Happy What Makes Women Happy When Clothes Shopping 78% of Women Say Trust in Relationships Makes Them Happy Lifestyle Content Trends — Food Lifestyle Content Trends by Device Type Lifestyle Content Trends — Fitness Lifestyle Content Trends — Fashion 56% of Moms Seek Out Expert Advice 4 in 10 Women Share Content to Stay Connected 80% of Younger Millennial Women Believe Technology Makes Them Happy Wearables, Smart Devices, and Women — Ownership and Shopping Preferences Her Connected Life: How Women Use Technology to Find Happiness Female Social Sharing Trends 57% of Women Spend Their “Me Time” Shopping Online Social Media Most Influential Source of Lifestyle Content For Women 76% of Women Say Personal Connections Make Them Happy What Makes Women Happiest in Tech The Benefits of Wearables, Smart Devices, and Happiness 62% of Women Say Easily Finding Info Makes Them Happy With Technology Stress, Money, Confidence — Women Share What Keeps Them From Feeling Happy What Makes Women Happiest in Entertainment (TV and Movies) 85% of Women Put Their Children’s Happiness First Nearly 7 in 10 Women Feel They Have a “Really Good Life” 9 in 10 Women Say Experiences Makes Them Happy 86% of Women Are Happy With Their Role as Parents What Makes Women Happy in Exercise and Fitness What Makes Women Happy in Food and Beverages Stress Zones: The Roadblocks Women Face on the Road to Happiness What Makes Women Happy in Fashion and Style 4 in 10 Women Consider Happiness a State of Being
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How Brands Can Spark an Emotional Connection With Women Via Video An Interview With Lin Dai, CMO of Keek To Succeed With Millennials, Content Marketing Must Be Authentic, Personal & Inspired An Interview With Marc Simons, Cofounder of Giant Spoon Inspiring to Try and Buy: Custom Video For Women An Interview With Corey Moss Using Video to Connect With Women When The Blogger Comes Alive When Women Watch Lifestyle Video Highlights From The POPSUGAR Insights Video Lab Lifestyle Video — It’s Watched Everywhere Women Watch Lifestyle Video While Relaxing & Multitasking Lifestyle Category Enthusiasts Viewing Habits by Device Type Social Media Usage of Women Who Consume Lifestyle Videos Video Helps Women Connect With Lifestyle Passion Points 49% of Women Want “How-To” Instructions in Video Content 50% of Avid Lifestyle Video Viewers Have Visited Site or Store Lifestyle Videos Help Brands Increase Favorability Women Are Open to Ads — Just Don’t Interrupt Her Experience Viewing Experience Drives Emotional Connection For Lifestyle Video Lifestyle Sites Surpass Social For Endemic Video Discovery 66% of Women Seek Out Additional Info After Watching Lifestyle Videos Women Seek Content That Entertains, Informs and Inspires Content and Peer Recommendations Motivate Women to Watch Lifestyle Videos 50% of Avid Lifestyle Streamers Have Downloaded a Video App 84% of Young Millennial Women Watch Lifestyle Videos in Bedroom 58% of Women Say Accessibility Drives Video Device Choice 52% of Women Watch Longer-Form Lifestyle Content During Evening Long-Form Lifestyle Content Best For Lean-Back Devices 52% of Women Stream Lifestyle Video Via Their Smartphone "Sight, Sound & Emotion": 2014 Lifestyle Video Study